Remove a person from online life.

When two people have a fight it is not really the end until it’s e-end. We finally have a chance to kick somebody out of our lives. People typically remove someone from friends or block them if they had a fight, have broken up or are just annoyed by that person. Some people decide to block or unfriend their exes on certain social networks as an act of rage but decide to keep them on another so they can check their lives occasionally. Blocking is more radical because the other person is effectively silenced. It is intended as a protection from cyberbullies and stalkers but people use it in all kinds of scenarios. Sometimes people block someone in the middle of the argument so that they get to have the last word.

“We broke up a few times before, but this time I e-ended it. So we are really done.”

“I would like to know at least what she’s doing but she e-ended.”

“My girlfriend asked me to e-end all my exes”