Send private messages to strangers in order to meet them.

Online we have a chance to build a private space with a person whose life we are updated on daily. By e-approaching we can make ourselves vulnerable while staying in our comfort zone at the same time. It is much easier to control and hide all the weaknesses through online communication since there is no body language and there is always more time to reply than in the offline life. And if the person doesn’t reply, there are no other witnesses to our failure. If they reply we can get a unique piece of them in our inbox and from there ensure the communication in offline life as well.

“I feel confident when e-approaching.”

“She was looking at me the whole night. Then I came home and decided to e-approach her.”

“I don’t recall when somebody actually approached me last time. My last 3 boyfriends e-approached me after a night in a club. One even e-approached me while we were still both in the club”