Thrill about getting notifications.

Checking for new notifications has become a habit that is hard to resist. For some users of social networks it is a kind of an impulse. When receiving and opening notifications, users of social networks get a hit of dopamine which is released in rewarding situations. Social networks are now part of our emotional life. Humans are social creatures. We can not survive in solitude. It is well known that communication in the offline life keeps us motivated and active, but so does the communication in the online life. If there are very few interactions in the online life, the person might decide not to participate in it anymore. Social interaction, both in offline and online life, confirms that we are alive and visible to other people.

“I post a lot on Twitter lately, so whenever I log in I get a thrillification.”

“I like to login to my profiles first thing in the morning, the thrillification wakes me up quickly.”

“Facebook doesn’t give me real thrillification, because most notifications are some impersonal invitations and spams.”