Postpone online “obligations”.

In the beginning social networks were mostly perceived as a tool for connecting, relaxation or fun. But over time, they have become more like life, a second one. So apart from fun there are also some obligations such as replying to messages, e-mails, congratulating birthdays, supporting your best friend’s band, promoting your mom’s work… Luckily, sometimes we can simply decide to take time off from our online lives and make the excuse of having very active offline lives. Maybe in the future the reverse will also be socially acceptable?

“Sorry for getting back to you so late, I was postponlining the last few days”

“I was postponlining for a few days and now I have a bunch of things to do before posting my new profile picture.”

“I feel so guilty about postponlining for so long with no particular reason. Now I’m lying to everyone that my computer broke”