A concept of having an online self that doesn’t match with the offline self.

Since social networks give us the freedom to edit and curate our online persona, most people tend to present the best versions of themselves. In the online life it is much easier to build your personality and style and to have some control over how other people see you. Some people get carried away by the option that the difference between the person in the offline life and the online life becomes very big. It seems as if that somebody has a split personality. Another reason for the different personalities in the online and offline life can be that people simply present themselves as they see themselves, which often doesn’t match other people’s perception of them.

“-Why do I always meet e-zophrenics? -Maybe you should stop looking for a boyfriend on Instagram?”

“E-zophrenia is a very common syndrome in young people”

“His profile is misleading, he is a typical example of e-zophrenia.”