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Like or follow brands.

On social networks we are given a chance to like brands and thus create our identity while not spending any money. Good news is that you no longer have to buy a t-shirt with a huge logo of your favorite brand on it and wear it in every occasion to identify with a brand, but you can simply click and by doing so share what your online self eats, wears and consumes. And the best part is you don’t have to pay, you are already paying with your data! When liking pages but also when browsing the web, Facebook collects your data and sells it to advertisers. Companies then use information about you such as age or gender to customize their advertisements and tailor them according to your interests. So it is not free in the end, it is only a different currency.

“I prefer to be a real consumer than a clickonsumer, because at least I know the price”

“He is such a snobby clickonsumer! He only likes high fashion brands!”

“I don’t understand people who clickonsume brands which they can afford offline. My online self is so fashionable but none of it I could actually afford to buy”