Timeline Climate


The prevailing feeling or opinion on timeline at a certain moment.

Often there is a dominant consensus on the timeline. Usually the main subjects people are commenting on and posting about are the things that are happening in their environment. It can be anything from presidential elections to the show that is on TV at the moment. Social networks are very convenient for discussing a popular topic with a large group of people. It is even more encouraged through hashtags. People express their anger, fear, sadness or happiness about the events happening and it will most likely form a dominant point of view on a certain subject. Sometimes a timeline can be misleading as it can seem as an insight into public opinion. But as we tend to “gather” certain types of people around us (based on age, education, status) what we will see is only a picture from our circle of friends.

“The timeline climate of Valentine’s day makes me depressed if I am single at the moment”

“Today’s timeline climate can be described in one word: football”

“By my timeline climate I would assume everybody’s going to vote for democratic party…But I am aware I only follow people that have similar views as I do…”