Actively exist both offline and online.

Physics teaches us that it is not possible to be present at two places at the same time. However, some users of social networks seriously challenge that fact. The amount of content they post really makes it seem like they literally post every moment of their life, but at the same time they do manage to have a life as well (at least according to their posts)! One could argue that for such a user, posting is the core of their life but there is a strong evidence in their posts that they actually do have a stable job, teach yoga, have a child, write a book and travel all over the world.. So they must have spent time learning, practicing, changing diapers, writing and packing, but the question is WHEN?

Visualized by The Rodina

“He is one of those overpresent people”

“HeI asked my overpresent friend how he manages to be so active on social media. He says he avoids thinking, it saves a lot of time”

“He is so overpresent. Whenever we go out I feel like we are making a reportage on our meeting”